Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The difference between "internet" and "Internet"

The Internet, with a capital "I," refers to the network that began its life as the ARPAnet and continues today as, roughly, the confederation of all TCP/IP networks directly or indirectly connected to commercial U.S. backbones. Seen up close, it's actually quite a few different networks-commercial TCP/IP backbones, corporate and U.S. government TCP/IP networks, and TCP/IP networks in other countries-interconnected by high-speed digital circuits. 

A lowercase internet, on the other hand, is simply any network made up of multiple smaller networks using the same internetworking protocols. An internet (little "i") isn't necessarily connected to the Internet (big "I"), nor does it necessarily use TCP/IP as its internetworking protocol. There are isolated corporate internets, for example. 

An intranet is really just a TCP/IP-based "little i" internet, used to emphasize the use of technologies developed and introduced on the Internet on a company's internal corporate network.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

acey's sick

assalamualaikum, hello again..

recently, my acer aspire 4540's monitor went full black..blank. my dad bought me that laptop when i was  part2 diploma in melaka. Apparently, this problem is common with acer's laptop. My friend's acer also had this kind of issues.The lowyat bro told him that the fuse was shot and need to be replace with a new one. It cost him about rm150. onefifty? wow, i really need money.FAST.. As a student, having a laptop means a lot to us. For doing our work ofcourse. Last week, madam shahniza had given us an assignment regarding ajax, sax, xsl, and xslt. But heres the catch, we must do it in BAHASA. Sounds easy rite, believe me when i said it isn't..it was a royal pain in the ass. The last time i ever did my "karangan" was back when i was in form5. .unfortunately we didn't save any backup and because of the problem, we(me, syafiq, and hasbullah) need to do our assignment all over again but this time, handwritten... Alhamdulillah we managed to get it done, but not before the deadline. i hope madam can forgive us. it is not something we were expecting to happen. And yeah, i need money..hopefully acey gonna be alright by the end of this week.

"wisdom is not putting tomatoes in a veggie salad"

well then, k bye ^_^