Saturday, 29 September 2012


Assalamualaikum..and good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone who is reading this =) .

so, what is netcentric? honestly i didn't know much either about it before I started in degree. After been studying in this course for about one semester, I should probably know what is it right?. so yeah, its a combination between network and system. so cool and awesome. The subjects are quite tough compared to my previous ones during my diploma in UiTM lendu, Melaka. But why did i chose this course eventhough i didn't really know about it? its because of the job opputurnities. I heard that this kind of people who have expertise in network and system are highly demanded by many companies out there. Therefore, as a student i should work smart rather than hard in order to achieve my goal, insyAllah. Wish Me Luck! amin amin.. THANK YOU

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